Pool Table Repair Service Providence RI

Every once in a while every pool table needs to get some maintenance. With enough use, things wear down and need repairing. At Pool Table Repair Service RI we strive to offer a level of professionalism and consistency that our customers will leave our customers satisfied and happy. Call us today for a free quote if you need any kind of repairs or service for your billiard or pool table. Find a list below of all the types of repair services we provide for our dear Rhode Island customers. 

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    List of Repair Services We Provide:

    Pool Table Leveling

    Each good pool table needs to have a level playing field in order for the games to be fair and fun. If you’re hitting the ball and it’s not going the way you intended due to a crooked pool table surface it can be incredibly irritating. That’s where you’ll want to get our top notch leveling services.

    Pool Table Refinishing & Restoration

    Like any other kind of wood, the wood finish on your pool table will eventually wear down and get dull. A good wood refinish should take care of freshening up the look of your table. This can also help rid your pool table of any scratches or surface wood damage. Additionally we can fully restore any pool table, if you are looking for pool table restoration services.

    Billiard Table Refurbishing and Restoration

    A pool table should not be looked at as only a game piece, but a valuable piece of furniture that adds character and life to the space it’s in. And as you would with any good furniture, you need to maintain your pool table and refurbish it to keep it looking sharp and elegant.

    ​Pocket Repair

    We execute a speedy, skilled pocket repair service for your pool table. Some people go with plastic pockets, which aren’t as elegant but tend to last a long time. Most people, however, go for the classic leather pockets, which are much easier on the eyes but need repair from time to time.

    Cushion Repair

    Proper cushioning facilitates good pool games, and without it you won’t be able to properly use wall bounce or estimate where the ball’s going to go. This makes it very important to make sure that those cushions are in good condition.

    Bumper Repair

    Bumpers are a very important part of any pool game. The good news is they don’t often need to be repaired or replaced, but if, and when, they do get worn down it makes any games a lot harder to play. Call us to repair the bumpers on your pool table.

    Frame Repair

    For any frame repairs you may need, call us at Pool Table Repair Service RI and we’ll be down to get your pool table in order. Any issues with the frame of your table should be dealt with as soon as possible. You don’t want to let an issue like that sit and land you with bigger problems in the future.

    Slate Repair (under the felt)

    Repairing the slate is not just an easy wood glue fix. If there’s something wrong with the slate, the felt needs to be removed and things need to be carefully levelled to provide you with the proper platform for good games.

    Rails Repair

    ​The rails on your pool table can often get damaged or scratched due to people leaning on them or placing things on them. Call our pool table repair service to rejuvenate the rails on your pool table and set you up to fully enjoy your billiards games.